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Beeswax Men’s grooming products – Perfect Gifts for Dads

Dads can be tricky to shop for. My dad believes he has everything he needs and these days he rarely strays from the routine of what he’s used to. As he gets older, I notice he is less likely to try new things like beeswax men’s grooming products. He knows what he likes, and without some encouragement or coercion, it’s difficult to persuade him to keep an opened mind. I remember when he didn’t want a cell phone and didn’t believe in text messages when an iPad seemed like a useless child’s toy to him.

My father resisted Facebook, Instagram, computers, and online banking. For years he went to the bank and only dealt with live tellers. Cash machines and internet banking were concepts he didn’t like and wasn’t willing to consider. The good news is with repeated suggestion and impromptu demonstrations he usually comes around eventually. He has to be convinced before he can face the challenge of change. Like everyone else, dads love the convenience and want to do more with what they have. When I gave him an IPad he was reluctant initially; now he couldn’t live without it. He tells me often he doesn’t know what he would do without it but admits it took him a long time to figure it out.

Last year I gave him Cool Beans shave soap and a package of Shark razor blades along with a new safety razor and aftershave balm. As he was opening the soap and smelling the coffee mint notes, I began to explain the benefits of wet shaving. The main advantage of beeswax men’s grooming products such as this is the remarkable shave, compared to his disposable razors the new safety razor I got him would do a much better job. I explained to him that when you look at the cut hairs under a microscope, the ones cut with his disposable razors appear to be torn and shredded, while hairs cut with a safety razor are cut clean, which means a more decent and closer shave with less skin irritation.

As I went into the cost savings benefits explaining that a ten pack of blades is only $5.00 he interrupted saying “This isn’t anything new, your grandfather had a razor like this years ago, and he used to shave with these kinds of blades all the time.” So why did people change to disposables and cartridges? I asked. He didn’t know the answer. He said things just changed and it got harder to find old fashioned shaving kits, so people only bought what stores were selling.

Pops protested momentarily saying there was nothing wrong with his disposable razors and canned shave cream, but he kept smelling the new soap, and I knew before long he’d discover that there is nothing more refreshing than a fantastic wet shave. I find it incredible that something as mundane as a shave can change your outlook on the day and enrich your life.

As for myself my facial hair comes and goes with the seasons. I like to wear a beard in the winter months and generally won’t shave it off until beekeeping season begins in late April. So, yes I love beeswax mens grooming products.

It’s easy to grow a beard, keeping it looking good and maintaining a nice shape took a little practice. I use a beard oil a few times a week that contains Fractionated Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Orange Bitter Essential Oil, and Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil. These oils replenish and soften the hair which keeps it from jutting out and looking sloppy. Replenishing the natural oils that are often lost due to cold Chicago winters or dryness caused by radiated heat or forced air is essential to maintain a healthy beard. I also use other beeswax men’s grooming products like a beeswax beard conditioner daily. The conditioner allows me to comb and shape my beard, so it looks good, and it also moisturizes the skin underneath my beard, so I don’t get dry skin or flaking, there is nothing worse than beard dandruff.

Although I’m always reluctant to shave my beard, after all, it took months to grow. I do enjoy getting back into the routine of shaving. It allows me to reacquaint myself with my different shave soaps. Each soap has its character and at different times will suit my mood. Cool Beans, for instance, is one of the best beeswax men’s grooming products which gives me a jolt of coffee and mint to jump start my day when I need that extra motivational push out the door, (my Monday morning go to) Classic Shave I enjoy on the weekends when I’m about to hit the town, meet up with friends or that special someone, and Killer Bee is more of a face feel replenishing type of soap I enjoy on a lazy Sunday when I have time to relax and enjoy a laid back relaxing morning.

So, whether your dad is old school or new school, bearded or clean-shaven Sweet Comb Chicago’s line of beeswax mens grooming products has you covered.

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