Uses of Beeswax

Beeswax: One Ingredient, Many Uses.

Beeswax is a produced naturally and has a wide variety of uses. It is also known as Cera Alba. You can find it in a huge array of products ranging from cosmetics to candles and lubricants to furniture polishes. Along with its high utility, it is used in mesmerizing scents. However, it is particularly useful as an ingredient in skincare products. In this article, we’ll explore the many kinds of products that you can make using beeswax blocks.

Before the wax is in usable condition, manufacturers clean and filter it through various densities of filter cloth. You can easily find beeswax blocks online and here are some ways you can use beeswax for your skincare routines.

Homemade moisturizers: You can use this incredible ingredient to produce your own moisturizer. It works as an excellent base for an effective moisturizer. All you need to do is combine equal proportions of beeswax blocks, base oil and butter (for example Shea butter or cocoa butter). After this, melt the mixture and mix it well. And you’re done! You have your homemade moisturizer ready to use!

Lip balms: You should definitely check out beeswax if you have been suffering from chapped and dry lips. It may also be because certain lip balms in the market didn’t suit your skin since they contain artificial lubricants. However, beeswax would give you a natural and traditional alternative to those products. You can produce your own natural lip balm within minutes. You need to make a smooth mixture of soft, liquid & brittle oils along with beeswax. This mixture is an amazing solution to dry and chapped lips as it moisturizes the skin effectively. A good beeswax should be tacky but not sticky and slick but not greasy. Simply adjust your formula until its perfect

Mustache wax: If you are a guy who likes to keep his beard and mustache long and silky, it is time to up your facial hair game! It is always beneficial to use homemade and natural products on your hair, especially if you have sensitive skin underneath or your hair is brittle. Beeswax blocks provide a solid base for a mustache wax when mixed with a liquid oil in the right ratio. You should always use an oil that suits your skin. You can not only use the solution to smoothen and tone your facial hair and skin, but also to style the hair as well.

Soothing cracked heels: This is yet another use for beeswax as it is a great lubricant. You need to mix it with coconut oil and magnesium to produce an excellent solution for your cracked heels. Thereafter, you can apply the mixture on your heels & they are likely to recover back to their natural, smooth state quickly.

Homemade deodorants: When applied on your skin, beeswax not only moisturizes your skin cells but also creates a protective layer, making it an effective remedy for sweat stains on clothes. Alternatively, you may buy deodorants from the market, which almost always contain chemical-based ingredients that may or may not suit your skin. However, the beeswax will never disappoint you. In addition to its protective layer, it will give you a decent scent as well. You can find various kinds of deodorants recipes online to assist you with DIY deodorant.

The world is now getting back to natural and traditional styles of skin care and beeswax plays a key role. With so many uses, you must have realized the importance of beeswax; it is as an ingredient that is used in a huge variety of products for your skin. However, you should also make sure that the beeswax you get is properly cleaned and filtered. Otherwise, it would be less effective as a skin care ingredient.

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