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Easy Tips for Healthy Lips

Using lip balm during cold and dry months will keep your lips soft and healthy.

The below-mentioned tips will not only help you use lip balm properly but will also help you to get the best results from it.

Firstly Prepare Small Amount of Balm

Depending on the lip balm type that you have bought, you can retrieve the balm differently. If you are using the beeswax lip balm tube, obviously all you have to do is use the dial that is located at the bottom in order to raise the lip balm above from the tube’s brim. You will be able to easily apply the balm on your lips and replace the cap.

Some other types of lip balms are gel-based or oil based petroleum that needs to be squeezed from the tiny hole. I’m sure you’ve seen these, only a small amount of balm is enough to provide the needed coverage from your using these types of oily products. Therefore, make sure you only apply the needed pressure to the tube or you’ll have a mess on your hands. (literally)

Applying Balm to the Lips

applying a thin and even coating on the lips is ideal and should feel slick but tacky and not oily. This will keep the area moisturized and have a dry appearance. For those who wear lipstick, to get the best results out of beeswax balms, let your lipstick dry then use the balm as a top cover this will stabilize the color and help prevent smudging

Draw Your Lips Together

By drawing your lips together you will be able to spread the lip balm to all the areas around the mouth which sometimes become cracked or dry.  In a case where your balm has a color or a tint, you should be careful while applying and spreading the balm. This is necessary as if you are not careful, you can end up messing your face.

Avoid Harmful Ingredients

There are a lot of lip balms out there that are made up of fragrances and artificial colors that are harmful to your lips. These can lead to lip irritation and are one of the prime reasons for dryness. Such lip balms should be avoided as these may damage your lips instead of taking care. Some ingredients might be good for your lips but can lead to dryness. While some might moisturize your lips but end up irritating them as well. So, special care needs to be taken while buying any lip balm. Lip balms which are made from natural ingredients are preferred. You can try the beeswax lip balm tube which is made from natural ingredients and will take good care of your lips and ensure that they are healthy.

Dispose of Your Old Lip Balm

Do not keep your lip balm tube for too long as it would eventually lose its moisturizing properties. There is also a possibility that the tube might get contaminated with bacteria over time. Also, keep in mind some ingredients can expire so check for an expiration date if theres a date on it you’ll want to replace it before the date expires. It’s always advisable to grab a few lip balms and leave them around for when you need them. Keep one in your car, one in your desk, purse, gym bag etc.Avoid buying in bulk if your balm has a 90 day expiration date. Some balms contain ingredients that expire rather quickly. There is no point in saving a few of dollars if your never able to use them, so it’s easier to just avoid these.

Summing Up

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    I have had to deal with chapped lips since forever. I have tried Several Remedies with no improvement. I came across your article and tried some stuff here…been great so far. Thank you for this and please keep it up. I hope you Read My Comment.

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