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Guide to Buying the Best Natural Lip Balm in Chicago


Do you want to freshen up and protect your pout from the cold winter weather and blazing summer sun? If yes, then you need to find a lip balm that suits your lips. Though all the lip balms purport that they will protect your lips, many lip balms actually damage the lip skin instead of repairing them.

It is a fact that the skin of your lips is different in color, thickness, and much more delicate than the rest of your skin. Our lips consist of 3-5 layers; due to which, the lip blood vessels are more apparent and give a pink or red color to our lips. And as we grow older, the thickness of lip skin reduces which can lead to darker, cracked and chapped lips. Cold weather and UV rays in summers also make your lips thinner. Hence, lips need some extra care to prevent cracks and inflammation that can cause painful sores.

If you are seeking a store where you can buy the best natural lip balm in Chicago, then you can find many options. Choosing the right lip balm is an overwhelming task, but a little research won’t be amiss. Before you go ahead, you need to know how to buy a lip balm. To help you in making the right decision, here we are going to give some lip balm buying tips.

Tips for buying the best natural lip balm in Chicago:

  1. Look for the lip balm that moisturizes your lips: As already discussed that lips are the most sensitive part of our body as compared to the rest of other body parts, they require special attention. Hence, you need to find a lip balm that penetrates in the lip skin to moisturize and heal it instead of just forming a coating layer on the lip skin surface. Regular use of lip balm also reduces the fine lines of the lips. That is why you should never go out without your lip balm.
  2. Check the ingredient: Many manufacturers use chemicals, artificial fragrance and dye to manufacture a cost-effective product that may only cost pennies to produce. Whereas lip balms that are made using organic ingredients cost a bit more to produce but are well worth the few more scents at the register. Organic ingredients can heal your lip skin naturally without any harmful effects. Hence, it is advisable to find a store where you can buy the best natural lip balm in Chicago. You can choose to buy a lip balm made up of beeswax because it has the ability to attract water and traps the moisture. As a result, you will get hydrated and moisturized lips.
  3. Check the SPF: Your lips have millions of nerve endings. As a result, our lips are incredibly sensitive to heat, cold, touch, sun, etc. The sun produces UV rays that are the major cause of thinning of the lip skin. These rays can not only make our lips dry but may also lead to permanent darkening of lips. Hence, it is highly recommended to buy a lip balm with an SPF value or even better vitamin e. It will protect your lips from the harmful rays while offering you baby soft lips.
  4. Choose the right container: There are countless types of packaging for lip balm, tubes, tubs, tins, etc. Men tend to gravitate towards tubes. A tube can easily fit in a pocket without causing discomfort. Tubs are nice but better suited to women as they can be carried in a purse. Personally I like the tubes because they are easy and can be applied without getting wax on your fingers during the process.

While these are the main tips for purchasing the best lip balm, there are many more subjective things to consider such as fragrance, amount of oil, and tint. The perfect lipbalm isn’t easy to find.. It shouldn’t feel greasy but will offer a just the right amount of moister. If you are hunting for the best natural lip balm in Chicago, then Sweet Comb Chicago is for you. For more information, explore our website here:

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