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How to Get a Shiny Bald Head, Look Attractive, and Protect your Skin?

Are you a fan of a shiny bald head catching the trend these days? Well, don’t let that shine fool you brother. For all its simplicity and minimalism, the shiny bald head style does require a little effort and care. We don’t simply come across men who naturally have shiny scalps; these dapper gents use the right equipment and products to perfect that look.

There are a few head polish and creams on the market that you can use to make your bald head look shiny. The bad news is that some of these products have polymers and chemicals which can have a negative effect on your scalp so be well informed before you apply anything and remember the skin on your head is the most sensitive skin on your body.

Two factors that contribute to a shiny bald head

  1. Smoothness – Naturally bald people often achieve a shiny look much easier than those who shave their heads because shaving can leavea little stubble behind that shadows and prevents light from reflecting.
  2. The health of your scalp – Hair follicles produce a natural oil called sebum which presents a healthy shine and people with bald heads benefit from it because it coats the skin allowing light to reflect causing a natural dull shine.

5 Ways to get a shiny bald head

When we see a truly bald man the first thing we notice is the shine on his head like it was just waxed with polish. Waxing alone may be effective for some but others may require additional steps. Here, we’ve listed a few ways in which you can achieve a shiny bald head.

  • Shaving – This can be tricky because one, the skin on your head is sensitive and two, the shape of your dome is somewhat curved which takes a bit of practice to master shaving. The first & foremost thing to have is a good razor. A straight razor or safety razor is going to give you the closest and cleanest shave. A benefit of these types of razors is that on a microscopic level they cut the hairs cleanly rather than pulling or tearing the hairs like a disposable or multi bladed razor. A clean close shave is going to result in minimal skin irritation, blemish and redness.The second crucial element for a shiny head is warm water to soak your head. Warm water will soften your skin & hair. So it’s always best to shave after a hot shower. Apply a shaving soap with a mug and brush will allow you to use a warm soap for a soothing close shave.
  • Using skin cleansers – Applying products with harsh chemicals may leave your scalp dry and your skin dull. So, look for organic all-natural ingredients that will replace the natural oils you often loose when washing.
  • Moisturizing cream – Moisturizing creams are OK to hydrate your scalp with but try to avoid water based lotions as they have a tendency to evaporate and leave the skin dry, itchy and flaky.
  • Aloe Vera massage–Using aloe Vera on your scalp isn’t a bad idea either. Aloe Vera cools irritated skin and is often used as a post shave balm to sooth the skin after shaving. it will surely enhance your post shave treatment.
  • Sunscreen – Lastly, because of the thinness and heightened sensitivity of the skin on your head you’ll  want to apply something to protect you from the sun. UV rays can be incredibly damaging to this skin so do your best to avoid prolonged exposure. The  downside with sunscreens is of course that many of them have terrible chemicals in them that you’d rather not be rubbing into your skin so again seek out natural ingredients and remember vitamin e acts as a natural sunscreen as well.

These are a few ways in which you can care for your bald head while looking attractive and protecting your skin. Keep in mind not all skin care products are necessarily good for you and you only have one body so take care of it!

Remember no harsh chemicals in your shave cream, no disposable razors, no water based creams an no harsh chemical sun blocks.

Bee bald head polish – All-in-one

At Sweet Comb Chicago, we care for bees, trees, and bodies,that’s why our products have no synthetic chemicals or toxins. Our Bee Bald Head Polish is a completely natural organic head polish to give your dome some healthy chrome. The head polish like our other products is made in small batches direct from our apiary. A substantial portion of beeswax creates a shiny protective barrier that protects the skin while locking in moisture and natural oils to sooth irritation.

Bee Bald head polish at Sweet Comb Chicago includes the following ingredients:

  • Sunflower oil
  • Beeswax
  • Avocado oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E
  • Hemp oil
  • Essential oils

The product is available in 2oz and 4oz size options and comes at an incredibly  attractive price. Get some chrome on your done,  go ahead and bee bald!

We do it for the bees.

P.S. Bee bald head polish also contains sweet almond oil as an ingredient. It is harmful for people with nut allergy.

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