Inside the Hive – What Is Bee Propolis

Bee propolis is a resin produced by bees and is a useful component for bees inside the hive. First and foremost, bees coat the walls of their hive with propolis which acts as an antiseptic, sterilizing the colony from fungus and bacteria. Bees also use as a glue to seal cracks and stabilize the hive. A third use for propolis comes in handy when an unwanted visitor dies inside the hive. If the offender is too large for the bees to move it out of the hive, the bees will mummify the dead intruder, again to protect the hive against infection from the decaying corpse.

Studies have shown that bee propolis is useful for humans, too. With over 300 compounds including flavonoids which provide antioxidants. Among other things, propolis is thought to have healing properties for cold sores, wounds and cuts, cancers, and the common cold. [1]. While very popular in other parts of the world the medical use of propolis is fairly sparse in the US. We’ve tried it in many forms, but our favorite way to get those flavonoids is part of our daily vitamin regiment as a mouth spray. Easy as that!

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