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Men’s Grooming Products: The Ideal Choice to Grow & Style Your Beard

Growing a beard is trending and many men today are the trendsetters with the best beard styles.  Unlike women, men often resist using different grooming products for skin, hair, lips, etc., but when it comes to the beard and mustache often attitudes towards products are slightly different, this is where men do an about face and invest in style. Perhaps it’s because every man’s beard holds significant meaning. For some it’s a symbol of maturity, others consider it to be a more rugged look that makes them feel courageous & strong, still others believe it balances out facial features like a weak chin, or large nose. Whatever the reason you grow a beard there are some great options available to help you style it.

From trimming to beard styling, getting the look you want is now easy with the help of a few amazing products. Men’s grooming products are manufactured with coarse, dry, thicker facial hair in mind and take the pain out of keeping your beard and mustache neatly shaped and trimmed. 

You will find a lot of products out there. Everything from hair straighteners with heating elements, to magic oils said to promote hair growth over night. Remember facial hair can damage as easily as hair on your head so be careful, stick to natural products when possible and avoid burning or damaging your hair and hair follicles. If you follow those common-sense guidelines you will have no trouble safely attaining the look you are after. So, what are you waiting for?  Beard styling products are the most compelling choice to nourish your skin & grow a healthy beard.

Let’s get started with an introduction to a wide range of beard care products that you must try to experience excellent results. Below you will find to top-branded grooming products in Chicago.

Beard Wax

For a neat& presentable look, beard wax is the best styling element that tightens your facial hair & makes you look smart. Keeping your mustaches& beard in one position can be tiring & near to impossible but mustache and beard styling wax offers you the ultimate hold while retaining the shine & softness. This styling wax will help you enjoy your facial hair without a lot of maintenance. This wax is easily worked into the hair while warmed by your hands. After applied it cools and becomes slightly stiffer helping to maintain the desired shape.

Key benefits of Beard Wax: 

  •    Maintains shape in all weather
  •    Tames frizzy hair
  •    Provides a cleaner look
  •    Moisturizes and soothes skin beneath
  •    Hydrates & moisturizes your beard
  •    Suitable for beards of all texture

Beard Oil 

Have you ever suffered from beard ruff or dandruff? If not, then you are lucky!Those with dry skin or skin allergies who love to grow a beard can make use of this effective product while avoiding beard ruff i.e. Beard Oil. When you grow a beard a bit of extra care is required since facial skin can easily dry and chap causing flaking. A beard oil will help soften your hair as well as nourish the skin underneath by replacing the skins natural oils. Beard oil is a good choice to keep the skin moisturized in cold chapping winters as well as in overly taxing hot summer weather.

Dry & rough hair on the face or scalp often causes itching & irritation. A little oil will soften your beard, make it healthier and more manageable. 

Key benefits of Beard Oil:

  •    Nourishes the skin beneath
  •    Relieves irritation and Itching
  •    Hydrates and softens facial hair
  •    Tame frizzy & Wavy beard
  •    Strengthen your beard growth

Beard Conditioner  

There are two types of beard conditioners. The type you leave in for a few minutes then wash out like a traditional hair conditioner. These are meant to be used once or twice a week to keep your beard and facial hair moisturized. The other type of conditioners are a combination of oils and wax that once applied are absorbed into the hair requiring no rinse. These types of conditioners are meant to be used every day. Both types of conditioners should be enriched with Vitamins, lipids& other nutrients beneficial to your facial skin and hair.

When you use a good beard conditioner, you will feel the difference immediately. With highly effective ingredients, a conditioner should ease your journey to maintain a healthy stylish beard. Lastly, find a conditioner with a long-lasting subtle fragrance to refresh your mind and body.

Key benefits of Beard Conditioner:

  •    Retains moisture & nourishes the hair skin
  •    Detangles curly & thick hair
  •    Eliminates Itching & dandruff
  •    Restores the shine
  •    Makes hair soft & smooth
  •    Makes combing and shaping easier

Frequently asked questions: Should I use oil or conditioner? Should I use both oil and conditioner? Do I need a styling wax? How do I apply these products? What are the best brands? Where do I find these products?

Put your mind at ease we’ve gotGrooming Essentials for men covered

Choosing the right products and knowing how to use them doesn’t have to be difficult. Sweet Comb Chicago provides a complete range of men’s grooming products to suit every man’s needs. If you want the best-selling beard oil,conditioner, and styling wax in Chicago look no further than Sweet Comb Chicago. You’ll find an exclusive range of balms, oils, soaps and conditioners for men and women.

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