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Wet Shavers Three Soap Sampler


Curated for Connoisseurs: Delve into our trio of half-sized artisan soaps—Classic, Cool Beans, and Killer Bee. Whether it’s the timeless charm, a vibrant wake-up, or a warm spice, find your signature lather without the commitment of full-size.What’s Inside:
  • Classic Shave: Thick, creamy lather for the closest, smoothest shave.
  • Cool Beans: Coffee beans and mint mingle for a zesty skin treat.
  • Killer Bee: A soothing, spicy blend for a protective shave experience.
Limited Edition Set: Presented in durable 2oz tins, perfect for discovery or gifting. Claim your set today and celebrate the art of shaving!

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Enjoy the Ultimate Shave with Our Premium Soap Trio Set

Reach the pinnacle of shaving with our Wet Shavers Three Soap Sampler, a professionally designed set of soaps to fit the need of the professional, collector, enthusiast, or aficionado of wet shaving. Ideally designed to provide you with that luxurious experience of turning your every day shave from a humdrum routine to a sublime ritual without the prohibitive cost.What Includes Our Shaving Sample Set Trio of Perfection?
  • Classic Shave Soap: Capture the spirit of old-fashioned shaving with our pure Shave Soap; the lather is so thick and creamy, you’ll greatly minimize the chances of bumping and irritating your skin while getting the closest shave possible.
  • Cool Beans Shave Soap: Feel the invigorating tingle of whole coffee beans and fresh mint as you start your day, for skin is left with a cool, lively sensation.
  • The Killer Bee Shave Soap: Set your senses aflame with an exotic soothing blend of warmth and spice that gives you protective qualities and an amazing shaving experience.
Each of these comes in a 2-ounce reusable tin. Perfect for home or road grooming, 2-ounce tins are designed to be taken with you and last a long time. And the best of all, since we believe in sustainability, they are not only practical for reuse but also come in an eco-friendly tin.

Why Choose Sweet Comb Chicago’s Wet Shavers Three Soap Sampler?

  • Three various smells and formulas: Three various flavors and formulas developed for various moods and necessities.
  • Premium Ingredients: Our shaving soap is made from premium ingredients, allowing it to make lather and provide excellent protection to skin.
  • Value and variety: experience our collection to the fullest at a fraction of the cost. It is perfect for finding favorites without the commitment of full-sized products.
Every beginner willing to dive into the world of wet shaving and every aficionado looking to round out his collection can find the perfect set in our Soap Trio. Treat yourself to the best because you’re worth it. These 2oz compact tins are perfect samplers, travel tins, or a unique gift for the shaving aficionado in your life.

Looking for a Wet Shavers Three Soap Sampler for purchase in Chicago? Get yours today!

Wet Shavers Three Soap Sampler

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